José Guimarães
Name: José Guimarães
Academic Degree: PhD, MD

José Guimarães
José Guimarães
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Research Consultant of Cancer Drug Resistance

Short CV
José Eduardo Guimaraes is full Professor of Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto and Director of the Department of Haematology at Hospital S. Joao (Porto). He is engaged in clinical and translational research either at the Faculty of Medicine/Hospital S. Joao and at IPATIMUP of which is a member. Thorough the years his main interest has been the study of acute leukaemias: for many years he directed a lab dealing with biology of normal and leukaemic haematopoiesis and basic aspects of drug resistance (mainly MDR and disturbances in the regulation of apoptosis). He had also a keen interest on treatment of leukaemic cells with antisense oligonucleotides and regulation of gene expression and more recently in miRNAs. On the clinical research side, he collaborated in many trials and studies of the EORTC Leukaemia Group and EBMT of which is an active member. He has the responsibility of pre-graduate Haematology teaching in the Porto School of Medicine and has organized several postgraduate activities in Haematology/Oncology. He worked at the Royal Free Hospital in London (1981-85) and for a short period at the Jefferson Cancer Institute (Prof. Bruno Calabretta's lab), Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pa.,. Attended a large number of courses and scientific meetings. Acted as a reviewer for portuguese and international medical journals. He has more than 120 publications in peer reviewed journals and a large number of oral communications and poster presentations in scientific meetings. Acted as invited speaker and session chairman in many occasions and sat as member of numerous scientific committees and evaluation boards.


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1. Vasconcelos MH, Maia LF, Sousa C, Beleza SS, Guimarães JE
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 PMID: 16141637.
2. Vasconcelos MH, Beleza SS, Quirk C, Maia LF, Sambade C, Guimarães JE
 PMID: 10773404.
3. Quinta-Costa M, Leite M, Simas-Leite P, Correia C, Candeias J, Guimarães JE
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4. Leite M, Quinta-Costa M, Leite PS, Guimarães JE
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 PMID: 10866276.
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